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Due to the unseasonably warm winter the tick population has been very active this year.  We, at the Lorain Animal Clinic, have seen more ticks this year so far than we have seen in the past several years put together.  The weather was not cold enough this winter to take care of the ticks.

Ticks can cause many different diseases in dogs and cats, as well as, in humans.  Your canine friend should be tested yearly for tick borne diseases, which is included with our yearly blood parasite test (heartworm test).  If you live near woods, or walk your dog in parks, make sure you are using a preventative to kill the ticks that may get on your pet.  Many of the flea preventatives DO NOT have a tick preventative in them, so please ask one of our staff and we will give you options.

If you do find a tick on your animal, pull it off immediately.  If you find a tick embedded in your pets skin, you must be very careful about removing it.  Please bring you pet in and we will be able to remove it for you.  Ticks do not die in water, so put them in rubbing alcohol to kill them.  Make sure to wash your hands and the infected area well.

If you have any questions about ticks, ask one of our staff!